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Find a Trusted HVAC Partner, Not Just a Quick Fix


Recognizing Red Flags

  • Lack of Licensing and Certification

First things first, always check if the contractor is properly licensed to operate in Texas. No license? Big red flag. Also, look for certifications from recognized industry organizations like NATE (North American Technician Excellence).

  • Inadequate Insurance and Bonding

Make sure your contractor has the right insurance and bonding. It's not just about compliance—it's about protecting your home and your peace of mind.

  • High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Feel like you’re being pushed into a decision? If a contractor is pressuring you to buy the most expensive unit or rushing you, take a step back. Good service doesn’t need a hard sell.

  • Vague or Non-Existent Contracts

No detailed contract? That’s a no-go. A reputable HVAC company always provides clear, detailed contracts that outline the scope of work, costs, and warranty information.

  • Suspiciously Low Prices

An unbelievably low bid often means corners could be cut. Quality work comes at a fair price—remember, you get what you pay for.

  • Poor Communication

If a contractor can’t keep appointments, fails to respond to your calls, or seems vague about details, it might be time to look elsewhere. Clear communication is key to a good relationship.

Best Practices for Hiring an HVAC Contractor

  • Research and Referrals

Start with the basics: ask your friends, family, or neighbors who they trust. Check out online reviews on sites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see what others are saying.

  • Verifying Credentials

Double-check that your contractor is licensed and in good standing. Ask for proof of insurance and bonding too—it’s all about ensuring they’re legit.

  • Assessing Experience and Expertise

Ask about their experience, especially with your specific type of HVAC system. A seasoned pro not only knows the ins and outs but stays updated with the latest HVAC technology.

  • Obtaining and Comparing Estimates

Get estimates from at least three contractors. They should be detailed and itemized, breaking down exactly what you’re paying for. Compare not just the costs but what each contractor offers.

  • Evaluating Communication and Professionalism

A reliable contractor will respect your time and provide clear, concise information. They should answer your questions without making you feel pressured.

  • Checking References

Don’t be shy—ask for references and actually call them. Inquire about the quality of work, timeliness, and the customer’s overall satisfaction.

  • Understanding Warranties and After-Service Support

Find out about the warranties offered on both equipment and installation. Also, check if the contractor provides after-service support. These are crucial for long-term satisfaction.

Energy Efficiency Considerations

Choosing Contractors Who Prioritize Energy Efficiency

With rising energy costs, efficiency is more important than ever. Look for contractors who offer ENERGY STAR® rated products and who can explain their benefits clearly.

The Importance of a Detailed Written Proposal

Before any work begins, ensure you get a written proposal that includes everything from costs and project schedules to equipment model numbers and warranty information. This protects both you and the contractor.


Choosing the right HVAC contractor in Waco doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By keeping an eye out for red flags and following these best practices, you’ll find a trustworthy contractor who can not only fix your current issues but also ensure your system’s future health. At Polansky Heating & Air, we’re committed to being that reliable partner for you. Let’s keep your home comfortable together—give us a call or visit us online to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment. Your comfort is our priority, today and always.

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