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AC Tune Up In Waco

Ac tune up

Do you want to help prevent costly cooling breakdowns in the middle of Texas’s sweltering summer? Do you wish your energy bills were lower?

If so, then your HVAC system needs a maintenance check-up at least once a year, according to energystar.gov.

But what exactly is involved in a check-up?

Up to 21-point check-up:

We will perform an in-depth inspection and check-up of your cooling and heating system to ensure it's in tip-top shape.

While inspections may vary depending on system type, our technician's usually check the following:

  • 1. Check thermostat operation
  • 2. Check defrost components
  • 3. Test defrost
  • 4. Clean filter or replace (customer supplied)
  • 5. Inspect contactors, relays, and circuit boards
  • 6. Inspect disconnect
  • 7. Check operating pressures
  • 8. Inspect indoor blower and motor for dirt buildup
  • 9. Inspect condensate drain
  • 10. Check caps and start components
  • 11. Inspect bearings and lubricate all moving parts
  • 12. Inspect outdoor coil and advise customer of condition
  • 13. Inspect and test safety switches
  • 14. Inspect duct seal at unit and secure panels
  • 15. Inspect indoor coil and advise customer of condition (only if accessible and won’t disturb any seal on a cabinet)
  • 16. Check and document superheat and subcool (cooling)
  • 17. Check voltage and amperage to all motors and compressor
  • 18. Explain necessary repairs
  • 19. Inspect wiring and tighten electrical connections
  • 20. Check and document system temperature split
  • 21. Run and test system
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