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Benefits of Spring Tune Ups

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Spring will soon be here in Waco, Texas, and that means the summer heat isn’t very far behind. As the season changes, it’s important to ensure your air conditioner is up to the task of cooling your home. Since warmer weather is on its way, you’ll want to be sure you have a spring tune-up scheduled for your air conditioner.

Temperatures in Waco can reach over 100 degrees during the summer. If you consider that the most energy efficient setting on the thermostat during summer is 78 degrees, that means an air conditioner will need to lower the temperature more than 20 degrees. This can mean trouble for the machinery unless it’s in tip-top shape. As fellow Texans, we feel your pain when it comes to setting the thermostat lower than 78 degrees. Most of us would rather set it down to 72 or 73, but the energy bill and the strain on the equipment are a concern. A spring tune-up is very affordable when you think about it. In fact, it can help you save money. There are many benefits that you can reap from this service which helps you save.

Energy Saving Tune-Ups

Wasted energy is a concern for everyone. It’s important not only for environmental issues but because we have to pay for the energy which is wasted. If your air conditioner hasn’t been maintained well, there’s no doubt that it’s using more energy than it should in order to cool your home.

Air conditioners are mechanical objects, just like your automobile. Your car, truck, or SUV engine needs to be tuned up. Otherwise, it wastes gas and oil. Your AC equipment is no different. The better maintained you keep it, the less energy it will need to keep your home comfortably cooled.

Fewer Break-Downs & Repairs With Tune-Ups

The AC tune-up prepares the equipment, true, but our Waco air conditioning company will also thoroughly inspect it. If there are problems, the HVAC contractor will be able to detect them. Any weakened parts or issues with the machinery will be noted. Your technician will advise you about repairs that need to be done. If you make the repairs and your system is tuned up, you’ll be able to count on it during the warm season.


Another important benefit you’ll get from a yearly spring tune-up is a longer lasting air conditioner. Replacing your HVAC equipment costs thousands of dollars. A yearly spring tune-up can add years of life to your equipment. It’s a very affordable way to get more from your existing comfort system. Be good to your air conditioner, and it will be good to you!

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